Denver Beck Edit

Denver Beck is Riley's fiance and a Grand Master in training for the International Demon Trapper's Guild. Riley and Beck butt heads for a lot of the series, arguing and generally pissing each other off for the first three books, their rocky relationship only changing in Foretold. Beck was also Paul's trapping partner in Forsaken and was there when he was killed.

Forsaken Edit

We first meet Beck at the beginning of Forsaken after Riley has a bad trap and he drives her home. during this we find out that Riley had had a "school girl" crush on Beck when she was around 14-15 years old but was shot down by Beck. since they they have had a rather love/hate relationship in which Riley determines he's trying to act the big brother.

Beck is trapping with Paul; Riley's father, on the night he is killed. during the trapping Beck witnesses the moment a Geo-fiend kills Paul Blackthorn, trying in vain to protect Paul after he is struck by shrapnel which had already killed him.

After Paul's death; Beck is the one who has to tell Riley of her fathers death. Paul's death seriously affected Beck, he was not only his trapping partner a father figure to him.